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Hawaii, Are YOU on a quest to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Get Recognized?

Hawaii, Are YOU on a quest to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?  Get Recognized? 

GoldThis post is a result of two posts by my friend Richard Weisser down in Georgia.  The first post was "How do you expect to get drenched in the rain if you don't even want to get your feet wet?" dated 5/21/09 in which he offers 6 suggestions to those of us here in Active Rain.  In addition he also offers his personal guarantee "So, for those of you that want to succeed at blogging, I offer you this challenge. Before you throw in the towel, write at least one hundred quality posts before you make your value assessment. It takes that long to develop the correct skills and disciplines and also to create a body of content large enough to have a significant SEO impact on your business.  Now that is some guarantee wouldn't you say?  Richard then follows that post with another post titled "Achieving national celebrity status as a result of ActiveRain blogging becomes a reality! (of sorts)" where he talks about a recent interview with Realtor Magazine on line where he was interviewed about blogging for business.  So, IMHO, Richard is not only a celeb but one that knows where of he speaks.

With the numerous posts talking to newbie's here in Active Rain on how to be a success in their blogging venture to improve their visibility to the public I am setting out on a quest.  I am not going to suggest things to newbie's or those that are less active on AR; I am on a search for some of these folks for introduction to our AR family.  Here is my 2 step plan:

  1. Go on a state by state search and post between 5 and 7 people each Saturday
  2. Then you the MEMBERSHIP will be able to see and encourage them by responding to their most recent post

The end result will be, hopefully, an increase in activity with more members becoming visible.  Now there is a really BIG problem with this plan.  I will not be able, my rule, to suggest those that have not done a post or even posted their picture.  You see there won't be any secret agents, lenders, stagers, inspectors, etc. shown.  Sorry, if you want to be considered I need to see who you are, sorta like your picture on your business card.

Today I am looking at the state of Hawaii, where we have a total of 1063 AR members as of this morning.  I would say that with that many members Sally Cheeseman "Sally" Cheeseman #1 and Randy Prothero Randy Prothero #2 could have some competition coming up behind them.  With both Sally and Randy from the same company I wonder which one is really the best.  So, say hello to:

Lyle D. DunhamLyle D. Dunham with Swenson Real Estate in Kalaupapa, HI.

Lyle wrote his first post in April talking about unbelievable deals in Hawaii for the smart investor.  I would be more interested in the sun and surf and, well I will leave the rest to your imagination.  Lyle in his profile says that he sells in Montana too. 

Michele HamadaMichele M. Hamada with Keller Williams Realty Maui in Wailuku, HI.

Michele's first post was in February and she wanted to know if anyone has gotten any business from Active Rain?  I am sure that there has been at least two or three maybe even four that has gotten business from AR and are willing to share with her.  Not the business but the experience.  Who knows there may be one someone that needs a realtor in Hawaii.

David LiscioDavid Liscio with Windermere Real Estate Wailea, LLC in Wailea, HI.

Alright David this is so not right!!  Here I am thinking about the sun and surf and the cool ocean breezes and you have to bring up golf.  Doesn't anyone work in Hawaii?  But I digress, David wrote his first and only post in February about, what else, golf properties in Maui.  Hmmm, I wonder if Jesse has some winter wonderland property in Alaska that he might be interested in.  LOL

Sunny VerMaasSunny VerMaas with Kapalua Realty Company, LLC. In Lahaina, HI.

Sunny wrote her first post in May and she to was talking about golf.  I then went and visited her website,, and almost forgot to come back from her home page.  If you go to visit just remember I have warned you.  I do think that I am getting a little bit jealous.

Tsing YoungTsing Young with International Business Consultants, Ltd. In Kailua Kona, HI.

Tsing's first post was in January and she was letting us know a little bit about herself and what she does.  She is fluent in Chinese "Mandarin" as well as English as a second language. 

Cardy FangCardy Fang with Best Realty, Inc. in Honolulu, HI.

Cardy wrote his first and only post in April and was talking about the hot market in his area of Hawaii. 

Peggy YuanPeggy Yuan with Lava Rock Realty in Kamuela, HI.

Peggy wrote her first post in June about one of her new listings.  I was too caught up in some of the facts about the "Big Island" to pay a lot of attention to the home.  Here is just one of the facts she has on her profile: "Of all the islands, Big Island is the most ecologically diverse, with natural environments ranging from the desert plains of Ka‘u to the rain forests above Hilo, to snowcapped Mauna Kea. There are said to be 13 climatic regions on earth and the Big Island has all but two, the Arctic and the Sahara".  Wait just a minute, did she say Snow Capped Mountains? 

Please stop by and encourage these guys and gals and let's see if we can improve some of the participation.  Thanks for stopping in.


If you are looking for a very simple way to move up in your standings for the state that you live in, here are two small suggestions:

  • Make one comment on someone's blog post.....Just pick one of the Featured Posts and read it then comment on what you read and
  • Complete your profile and then if you are looking for other suggestions,
  • Click here and here and here for more help.

Thanks to Active Active Brad Brad Andersohn and Jeremy Blanton Jeremy Blanton for their contributions.  BTW, don't let these guys scare you they are really docile.

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Hawaii, Are YOU on a quest to find the pot of gold at the end of the…
Hawaii, Are YOU on a quest to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Get Recognized? This post is a result of two posts by my friend Richard Weisser down in Georgia. The first post was "How do you expect to get drenched in… more